Michael Raeves Executed For Reckless Driving

Michael Raeves, one of our elementary teachers, was pulled over Friday night after a stunt of speeding, and general reckless roadway behavior, endangering the innocent civilians of our town. Raeves was immediately pulled from his vehicle, and held within the center of Hanford Road. Raeves was executed by means of being hit by a speeding vehicle, where he died instantly. This was, For The Good of The People.

Meredith Jones Executed For Identity Theft

On Sunday evening, at 7:38PM, receptionist Meredith Jones publicly executed after being caught utilizing fake identification paperwork, belonging to her neighbor. Meredith was reported by her neighbor after weeklong suspicion, and immediately brought to justice. Jones had her face gruesomely carved off on site, where she bled out almost immediately. This had been, For The Good of The People.

Jonathan Mercer Executed For Merchandise Theft

On Thursday evening, at 8:55 PM, citizen Jonathan Mercer was publicly executed after being caught shoplifting. Mercer was spotted by Fry Corner Store Owner Gustavo Montgomery, and immediately reported to The Watchers. 23 minutes later, Mercer had his hands mutilated in front of Fry Corner Store. Mercer bled out, and was legally dead at 9:09 PM. This had been, For The Good of The People.

Selectman Vallenhart Executed For Tax Fraud

Selectman, father and accountant, Richard Vallenhart was caught evading his taxes by means of false claim. The Watchers received an anonymous tip from a co-worker of Richard's, and immediately took action. Former Selectman Vallenhart was executed publicly infront of town hall, by menas of facial removal.