We strive for perfection, is that so much to ask for? The bureaucratic, social-class structure of the old world is dead here.

Crime won, debt won, corruption won: but no more!
Our great town began with one law. One golden law, to differentiate. To set our own gold standard, if you will. An Eye For An Eye.

It’s simple really: As a means to remove law from our Utopia: We ensured that no one in our beautiful town will ever break the law again.

For if they do, they will be executed for their decision, in the way that said law was broken.

It’s a poetic, inciting truth that defines us.

When a man is found guilty of assault and/or battery, he is assaulted and brutally beaten to death publicly.
When a woman is found guilty of arson, she is burned to ash publicly.
When a couple is found guilty of drug abuse, they’re forced to intake the measurable quantity of said drugs to the point of overdosing to death, publicly.

The fear that this extreme penalty invokes among us, is the basis for the reign of pure happiness our town now experiences.

Always remember: We are happy here. We are safe here.
In our town, there are no prisoners. There is no time-based penalty. Only the end of time for those that break the rules. It’s that simple.

This basis resulted in the start of our prosper. The implementation of our envy-protocols further extenuated our system.

Through the removal of our social class system, by means of restricted property, business ownership, and especially, personal clothing and belongings, our golden age really began to shine.

With everyone wearing the same clothes, with the same-sized homes and the same general life-structure, it allowed our people to enjoy life without fear and envy.
We provide food rations, drink rations, gas rations and alternative power. We provide your means of survival and beyond that, your means of joyous endeavor. We provide sanctuary.

Our town is structurally gorgeous, colorful, and filled with release. Our plant life is exotic. Our mandatory town common shows are pure entertainment. Our healthcare is unmatched.

And above all else, your safety is guaranteed. The world around us is violent and cruel. It’s anarchy. But here, we are always safe.

Our watchers are everywhere. Anywhere you shout, they will hear you. Anywhere you walk, they will see you. Anywhere you are, they are.

Always watching. Always keeping the peace. ALWAYS keeping us safe, happy and secure. Thank you to our great watchers.